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Most sophisticated palates shall be catered for by numerous restaurants, bars and cafes.

To the northeast of Bornholm lies a group of islands called Ertholmene (Pea Islands), which can be reached by boat from Allinge, Gudhjem, and Svaneke.The fortress was violently fought over on several occasions and then sadly used as a quarry until placed under a preservation order in 1822. Boat trips take visitors to nearby sites, including the Våde Ovn, a 55-meter-long cave.The walk along the footpath to Slotslyngen woodland is considered to be one of the most beautiful and dramatic in Denmark.Apart from liner connections we also organise conferences, receptions, banquets and attending to trainings connected with sea cruises al well as attractive programme of sightseeing on Bornholm.The vessel can also be chartered for any voyage in the Baltic. km, 150 km of coastal line and 40 km distance between furthest capes. The island is a dream place for cyclists who want an active holiday.

You date Bornholm

On the southeast and western fringes, sand dunes and fine long beaches await.The coastal strip near Dueodde is particularly popular.Apparently the sunniest place in Denmark, Bornholm's mild climate, laid-back atmosphere, and sandy beaches, together with its many walks and biking trails have nurtured a lively tourist trade. you date Bornholm-56you date Bornholm-63you date Bornholm-44 Bornholm lies in the Baltic, 47 kilometers off the Swedish coast and roughly 150 kilometers from Copenhagen.This architecturally cutting edge museum opened in 1993 and is considered to be one of the finest in Denmark.

Occupying an enviable spot with panoramic ocean views across to Christiansoe, the museum houses magnificent collections with works by artists such as Edvard Weie, Karl Isakson, Olaf Rude, Kræsten Iversen, Niels Lergaard, and Oluf Høst, all providing fine examples of modern Danish painting and the decorative arts.Both the day of today and modern technology go hand in hand with mysterious past enchanted in the remains of the past.While roaming the island you must visit one of the numerous craft shops and traditional fish smoke houses to try local delicacy being smoked herring.On the main island of Christiansø are extensive fortifications installed by Christian V in 1684.When the port lost its importance as a naval base in the 19th century, it became something of a magnet for poets and artists.

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