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For example, it might enable us to design assistive technology for patients with certain degenerative diseases, e.g. semantic dementia (visual associative agnosia, Alzheimer's). On the more technical side, if we understood how the brain represents relational information on different levels of the (visual) cortical hierarchy, we would be able to bride the gap between mostly sensory-driven, bottom-up approaches in computer vision and machine learning on the one hand, and semantic-level, logical AI approaches (such as Markov logic or Bayesian logic programs) on the other hand. A novel approach for the generation of complex humanoid walking sequences based on a combination of optimal control and learning of movement primitives. This work is a contribution to the efforts which are currently of great interest to the machine learning community. ternary: actor-action-goal relations) in this framework.

Agency attribution in goal-directed actions: Active sampling improving bayesian model comparison. Presented at the 10th German Neurobiology Meeting, Göttingen, Germany, 2013. erfahrungen casual dating Freiburg im Breisgau Connecting brain and mind with formal concept analysis: a data-driven semantic investigation of the explicit coding hypothesis. Presented at the 36th European Conference on Visual Perception, Bremen, Germany, 2013. Testing the order-theoretic similarity model and making perceived similarity explicit with Formal Concept Analysis.

Test dating portale Göttingen

A virtual reality setup for controllable, stylized real-time interactions between humans and avatars with sparse Gaussian process dynamical models. Shaking hands in latent space: modeling emotional interactions with Gaussian process latent variable models. We also want to understand how such relationships are at the department of Psychology in Marburg. For validation of the results and technical applicability, we will develop a unified machine-learning framework for conceptual learning by fusing probability theory with FCA, in the context of stochastic process learning. To this end, we plan to include extensions of FCA for the representation of relations with higher arity (e.g. https://portal.g-node.org/abstracts/bc13/#/doi/nncn.bc2013.0221doi: 10.12751/nncn.bc2013.0221.

Presented at the Bernstein Conference, Tübingen, Germany, 2013.

A Bayesian graphical model for the influence of agency attribution on perception and control of self-action.

Presented at the Vision Sciences Society 10th Annual Meeting, Naples, FL, USA, 2010.

More generally speaking, how do entities come to have ?

18 35036 Marburg, Germany Phone: 49-(0)648 dominik.endres[at]Motivation: how do our brains represent the knowledge that both dogs and birds are animals, or that a car is a special type of vehicle with four wheels and an engine?

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