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Here is the status of the stores: There were 879 fatal car accidents on Long Island from 2012 to 2015 resulting in 926 deaths, according to an examination of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, which the agency compiled from law enforcement. You can search through this database to see if your name is among them and where it ranks. Here are the details for the 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

More than a year after the bankruptcy of A&P led to the closing, sale or auction of 51 stores on Long Island, 16 of the shops are still vacant, with plans for three of them pending.Each row lists a job description, and the next-to-last column in that row lists the total pay for that position.The last column lists the total pay for all positions for each individual, and so that figure will repeat for as many lines as the individual has positions. Students statewide scored essentially the same in the latest round of Common Core testing in English and math as they did in 2015, the state Education Department reports. Long Island's major publicly traded companies collectively made nearly $38.5 billion in sales in 2015, a decline of 8.6 percent from the year before.Our purpose is fellowship and to honor our Father in Heaven."The Girl on the Train" was the most circulated book in both the Nassau and Suffolk library systems in 2016, according to data from the two counties.

Singles nassau county

Here are the top 100 books in each county along with circulation numbers for each.The short-term federal funds rate, which the Federal Reserve has raised to 0.75 percent, can influence rates on longer term loans such as mortgages, but the effects are indirect and not always immediate.Here is performance data on the 50 companies, including banks. Newsday's Erica Marcus has selected 32 of Long Island's best ice cream shops, and now it's time for you to vote for your favorites. Singles nassau county-75 The information, collected by S&P Capital IQ, a business unit of Mc Graw Hill Financial, is current for companies as of May 13, 2016, and is based on filings with the U. The shops will battle it out, bracket style, with each round narrowing down the competitors by half until only one shop reigns supreme.Major party candidates for Congress on Long Island have reported raising more than $10 million in individual contributions in the current election cycle, according to data on file at the Federal Election Commission.

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Since March 2014, 148 homes in Suffolk County have been bought by the state for demolition and another 395 homes across the Island have been acquired by the state under recovery programs following superstorm Sandy.More than 150,000 retired educators in the state were eligible collectively for more than 5M a month during the 2016 fiscal year.Long Island teachers and administrators have 18 of the 20 highest pensions.When investment adviser William Landberg appeared on Fox Business’ “Bulls & Bears” in 2009, he warned viewers against big gambles and described the careful approach of his firm, West End Financial Advisors. Long Island public school students will start the 2016-17 school year on one of six different days this August and September, depending on the school district, with the largest group starting on Tuesday, Sept. Since May 31, 2016, New York City has logged 611 complaints of a "large number of mosquitos" to the NYHC311 hotline, with the largest number coming in the Arverne neighborhood on the Rockaway Peninsula.There are at least 108 urgent care offices on Long Island, according to a list compiled by Newsday's Victor Ocasio from a database maintained by the Urgent Care Association of America. Here are the details on record for all complaints as of the morning of Aug. Suffolk is giving towns a two-year deadline to do something with most of the 89 properties designated for affordable housing that remain vacant.

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