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Namely your little minions, cheaper spells, and of course your hero power. If you can afford a 2nd Blizzard, then replace 1 Flamestrike with it. I know that this deck isn't all that revolutionary.

AE doesn't do much once you reach the endgame, but a "freeze all" plus the 2 (3? I strongly suggest to build and include those 2 Blizzards as soon as you have the required dust. For 1 mana more you get a lot more bang for your buck. It requires the Naxx addon and if you have it, then go ahead and change the deck accordingly. I know that you won't sail straight through to legendary with it.

You always get value from the gnomes, even if they only last one turn. It's the class this deck fears most up to a point where conceding after a poor mulligan is the best option.

singlebörse kostenlos Rostock

Simple: Keep any minion costing 3 or less mana and toss everything else.The other change I did was replacing the leper gnomes with mirror images (I do have the gnomes but I figured that even though the gnomes give you a lot more damage, mirror image is just an awesome utility spell, and if you get lucky enough to have a mana wyrm, the coin and a mirror image in your first turn as it happened to me quite often actually it's a pretty amazing ). Slowing it down as your suggestions would imply, would hamper the deck's general strategy. Let alone after T5 when there's Flamestrikes and Blizzards. control warrior, it's missing the tools to slow down the game and/or to live long enough to overcome the steady onslaught. 100 kostenlos flirten Regensburg Edit: Also, I don't have the Naxx add on so I replaced the taz dingos with fen creepers. It's practically game over for zoo, unless the topdecking is great/shitty for him/you. Their taunts and mid-sized minions are easily taken care of by Polymorph, Fireballs, and such.It kills Warriors single handedly if you can protect it.Shamans, Hunters, and Paladins are also quite vulnerable to the built-in freeze. Rogues and Druids also dont't dig to be frozen, but they're affected to a somewhat lesser extent.

Singlebörse kostenlos Rostock

Update: So after playing with the mirror images for a while longer I realized you were right all along. By the time they get out some taunted giants, spells and hero power can burn through their defense and dwindle their remaining life easily.Although they are great when combined with a mana wyrm you usually don't get any value from them, especially with a deck like this with which stalling for time is not what you're looking for. Your statistic also proves my point regarding Priests.Going 2nd and following with a Coin and a Leper Gnome is ideal. It has a big target symbol on its head and will likely die the turn after you played it. If you keep it from turn 1 and ten turns later finally get to use it vs. ^^ Acolyte of Pain: Similar story, but no reason to save it for any particular moment. If you're card starved or need that special card topdecked right NOW, there's nothing wrong with using your hero power on your own Acolyte or running him into something bigger.Use it to kill Paladin tokens or anything with preferably 1 attack - even if you're gonna Flamestrike that same turn anyway. Like the two cards above: It's mainly there for its special and not for its 2 attack power.But I also know that it can beat any deck out there even without that "perfect draw".

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