Single source publishing konzept

One example is the clinical decision support system for medical diagnosis.

There are four stages in the evolution of clinical decision support system (CDSS): the primitive version is standalone and does not support integration; the second generation supports integration with other medical systems; the third is standard-based, and the fourth is service model-based.

Single source publishing konzept

DSSs serve the management, operations, and planning levels of an organization (usually mid and higher management) and help people make decisions about problems that may be rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance—i.e.Due to DSS all the information from any organization is represented in the form of charts, graphs a summarized way, which helps the management to take strategic decision.A cooperative DSS allows for an iterative process between human and system towards the achievement of a consolidated solution: the decision maker (or its advisor) can modify, complete, or refine the decision suggestions provided by the system, before sending them back to the system for validation, and likewise the system again improves, completes, and refines the suggestions of the decision maker and sends them back to them for validation.Another taxonomy for DSS, according to the mode of assistance, has been created by Daniel Power: he differentiates communication-driven DSS, data-driven DSS, document-driven DSS, knowledge-driven DSS, and model-driven DSS.

Single source publishing konzept

Beginning in about 1990, data warehousing and on-line analytical processing (OLAP) began broadening the realm of DSS.As the turn of the millennium approached, new Web-based analytical applications were introduced.An iterative developmental approach allows for the DSS to be changed and redesigned at various intervals. Single source publishing konzept-48Single source publishing konzept-41Single source publishing konzept-75 Once the system is designed, it will need to be tested and revised where necessary for the desired outcome.There are several ways to classify DSS applications.

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