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With the best of urban and suburban features combined in a single corporate campus, Schlitz Park transforms the tenant workday in a Central Business District location that’s been at the epicenter of Milwaukee’s ever-evolving downtown landscape.

We’ve made significant investments to refresh and create flexible and sustainable spaces with exposed cream city brick, high ceilings, natural light and stunning views of the river and city.

At this point, the gambler puts out the cigarette and goes to sleep.New and upgraded amenities include ample free parking, easy access to public transit and a river front location with river walk access.We offer dining, fitness centers and free wellness coaching just steps from some of the city’s newest and most affordable places to live.Schlitz is held up as a dreadful warning of how not to do it.Indeed, the company that now owns Schlitz, once "the beer that made Milwaukee famous," is currently telling drinkers that "our classic 1960's formula is back," the sub-text being that it "now tastes the way it did before we started disastrously mucking about with it 40 years ago, ruining the beer and wrecking the company along the way."Schlitz's roots were in a Milwaukee restaurant started by 34-year-old August Krug, an immigrant from Bavaria, in 1848.

Single schlitz

That same year Krug's 16-year-old nephew, August Uihlein, began working for the brewery.Over the next two decades the brewery grew to be one of the two or three biggest in Milwaukee.Many industries rely on railroads to transport the raw materials they need for manufacturing processes. Single schlitz-29 Chemicals, petroleum products and other liquids are all shipped in special tank cars.The brewery prospered considerably under the Uihleins, springing back after Prohibition, and late in the 1940’s Schlitz became the best-selling brew in the United States – the Wisconsin brewer wrestling the title from Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser, the self-styled "King of Beers." The 1950’s saw a continuous assault from Anheuser-Busch to win back the crown of America's favorite.

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