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The merger of two highly successful, owner-operated companies, Avantgarde Business Solutions Gmb H and Oboe Software, has made alnamic AG one of the largest independent providers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics AX in Germany.Over the past 20 years, our Dynamics experts have completed over 200 projects for medium-sized companies with up to 2,000 employees at home and abroad.Before I start, however, I want to make an important declaration: I am terribly proud to be in the same party with such people as Joseph Daul and Angela Merkel, as Viktor Orban and Manfred Weber, as Jean-Claude Juncker and Boyko Borissov. If we succeed in building it, people will believe that we are able to cope with this or another crisis.Speaking openly, we will either understand that the views of Angela and Viktor are compatible with each other and only together can they provide a full answer, or people will search for other radical and brutal recipes for how to solve the crisis.

It was also then that we were discovering forbidden words and ideas: liberty, democracy, freedom of religion and expression, the rule of law, free market and private property. What we lack today is a new energy and genuine determination to defend them.Illegal students' committees were also being set up at some universities. dating dk anmeldelse Fredericia We didn't know at the time that four years later the great 10-million-strong Solidarity movement would come to life.And by this I do not mean the need for some ideological inventions, but rather a conscious and very seriously taken return to our roots.It has been forty years exactly since I started my studies at the University of Gdańsk.

Single plattform Neuss

When I set up such an underground student committee at my University in 1977, I was not thinking about politics as an art of achieving results.It was difficult to call that activity pragmatic, as it was strictly connected with taking a risk.Dear President Joseph Daul, dear friends, People celebrate anniversaries in order to remember.What should we, Christian Democrats, remember when we celebrate the fortieth anniversary of our political community?The need for a deeper reflection of a historical, ideological and political nature is obvious.

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Proud as we are of our pragmatism, we must also remember that pragmatism itself does not constitute the foundations of our community.If we want a united Europe, a Europe of Solidarity, we must start with ourselves.One of the great moral authorities, John Paul the Second said that Solidarity is never one against the other. When one is a Christian Democrat, it is sometimes worth listening to the Pope.The spectre of a break-up is haunting Europe and a vision of a federation doesn't seem to me like the best answer to it.We need to understand the necessity of the historical moment.

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