Single horn

Although pitched in B-flat, they are not thought of by the player as being in “B-flat” like a trumpet or baritone.

For horn players, the world is always conceived to be in F.

Single horn

It was quite interesting as it was obvious from the first notes on this student model instrument that the single B-flat is a much easier instrument to play than the comparable single F, also by Conn, that I had borrowed from ASU.Especially for me having played a triple now for several years this weight reduction is quite interesting, the instrument feels as light as a feather and notes speak very quickly.So while you give up something with it compared to the triple, as there are no low F or high F sides to use, you do gain something by losing all that weight that you can’t really visualize without actually trying the horn.Something like the last movement of Mozart 3 was much, much better on the single B-flat; the back to back comparison was undeniable.This photo is of that horn, now being used by my nephew in 6th grade band.

Single horn

Instead, you can play G with the stopping valve adjusted correctly for an in-tune G that you can blow right into.I also use it for F-sharp (S-2) and a S123 combination produces a good low B-flat with the valve pulled. There is no way to finger the notes between low B-flat and pedal F on a standard single B-flat horn with four valves. In the photo of the Holton an extra slide is visible; this is the F extension for this instrument.Andrew uses his vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb for power. Single horn-28Single horn-85Single horn-37 I made this custom road case for Andrew to use while touring with Ani Di Franco.The function of this valve is not the same as on a double horn.

This thumb valve is normally set up as a stopping valve. Let’s say you want to play a stopped note on a double horn.

Yes, there is normally an extra valve as in this photo.

I borrowed and later purchased this Holton and have found it to be quite interesting.

The goal was to make the case as small and light as possible and still protect the horn.

I settled on a bolt-in-yoke type attachment to secure the horn. Andrew says he has been able to drag it over all sorts of terrain with complete safety.

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