Single coil .5 ohm build

Lol Failte just so you know fasttech has pre-made coils for purchase.

It will also get you around the upper area of subohming (assuming thats what you are asking for) and if you want lower ohms, you can either twist it or go parallel.They do come in a handy pack of five though, so you will have a good stock if you have to replace often, but you may want to restock before you replace the last one, just to be sure that you have enough.It is therefore wise to make sure that you have some spares available so that you always have the best possible experience when you are vaping.Besides just how much heat you're putting into the juice, there's also a matter of surface area of juice on your coil (or coil on your juice, whichever). But there's a trade-off: a giant coil is going to take a long time to heat up.So it's up to you to find the happy medium: small enough to heat fast, big enough to have lots of juice/coil contact, and enough resistance so your battery isn't stressed.

Single coil .5 ohm build

There is no "right ohms" (well, as long as it's less than 3 for a 3.7v battery, anyway).it's just that most people don't sub-ohm on a single coil.Therefore in order to keep a great taste and lots of vapor you need to replace them regularly.How often will depend on how much you use your device.Lower Guage = Bigger Diameter = Lower Resistance per Unit Length means you need more wraps = more surface area..5 ohm is sub ohm and the Delta 2 is very good at that but it comes down to what you like, in my Delta 2 I have on the Rba a 1.6 ohm coil that suits me, .5 ohm will drain the battery a little quicker but should give good flavour and a good bit of vapour.

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