Single chat Hamm

No agenda, just a general state-of-the-union conversation that evolved into a deep bond of trust.

single chat Hamm

‘Dan’ is Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who plays a younger version of the doctor of the title: young, bright and hopelessly out of his depth in a hospital in the bleak Russian countryside of 1917.‘It’s nice to have both arrows in that quiver.’ For Hamm, it was more than just a canny career choice: his gravitation towards comedy stems from seeing so much of it when he first sought acting work in LA at the age of 25, after giving up his job teaching ‘acting, public speaking and improv’ to high-school children. women dating Ikast-Brande ‘For five dollars, you can watch ten comics for three hours – it was fun and inexpensive,’ he says.Shortly after "Mad Men" ended its inaugural season with the celebrated episode "The Wheel" and its defining Don Draper Kodak Carousel pitch, Matthew Weiner showed up on Jon Hamm's doorstep, ostensibly to deliver a present, its precise nature now long forgotten. Having burned through just about every plot point from his initial pitch to AMC, the "Mad Men" creator had a dire need for new material.So he asked his leading man where he thought Don might go next."I think he's going to be good, but I think he's going to be bored," Hamm told his boss.

Single chat Hamm

‘It’s a label that only other people can affix to you.I’m not going to disavow it but it’s a queer fit.’ When we meet, he’s a week away from filming series six of Mad Men (‘I don’t know exactly how it ends – I’ve put my trust in Matthew [Weiner], wisely I think, to tell a compelling story and he has yet to disappoint me’) and gives the impression that he turns to comedy for fresh air.‘I haven’t played it,’ chuckles Hamm, ‘but I can imagine it involves getting incredibly drunk. single chat Hamm-60 His chat follows a report that questioned whether Hamm was secretly dating his Mad Men costar Elisabeth Moss.Hamm plays the older, more jaded, morphine-ravaged version of the doctor, appearing to and mentoring his younger self in reality-bending scenes that are darkly absurd.

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Radcliffe looks nothing like Hamm, of course – and is seven inches shorter.

That observation laid the groundwork for "Mad Men's" second season and also started something of a partnership between Hamm and Weiner that continued through the series' conclusion this spring.

Weiner and Hamm would meet between seasons, usually over a long lunch.

PHOTOS: The lengthiest celebrity engagements "It's nice when I see friends coming to support," Hamm told Us.

Jon Hamm's sheepish admission that he doesn't bother with SPF, although he does wear hats ("that's probably bad," he said), didn't make the cut either.

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