Single chamber flowmaster exhaust

The technology designed by the exhaust scientists at Flowmaster is called the “power chamber” which is a chamber that creates a negative pressure that is used to increase horsepower, torque, and fuel mileage.

These mufflers also use baffles to separate and recombine sound and pressure waves for an aggressive exhaust note.

The very popular 40 series muffler that produces an aggressive tone and the somewhat quieter 50 series are available in a single inlet and single outlet design to be used with your factory exhaust or for most truck owners that want that dual exhaust they offer single inlet dual outlet design.

TESTBED • OEM exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, 2.5" exhaust tubing Y pipe • 2.5" single in/out Flowmaster 10 series muffler • 2.5" to 3" transition at muffler outlet • 3" tubing to 4" tip, side exit in front of rear passenger tire CLOSING REMARKS The Flowmaster 10 series receives an overall 5 star rating because it is literally everything we want in a performance muffler - tone, volume, and value.The most popular is the 40 series muffler which is a dual chambered muffler that provides an aggressive sound.Our shops only stock the 409 stainless steel Flowmasters as opposed to the aluminized steel Flowmasters that almost all other shops use.Compared to stock, the muffler provides a significant boost in acceleration and pulling power. The Flowmaster 10 Series is affordable, aggressive, deep, loud, and produces an exceptionally pleasing exhaust tone at any level of throttle input.The price tag is slightly lower than most of Flowmaster's dual and triple chamber mufflers, and its small size makes mounting it a breeze. The muffler is not for the faint of heart, as it can be clearly heard in the cab.

Single chamber flowmaster exhaust

Improve your Mustangs exhaust flow for an increase in horsepower and a deep aggressive exhaust note with a set of Flowmaster Super 10 Series Mufflers.These mufflers are so loud they are only recommended for off-road race use. The Flowmaster Super 10 Series Mufflers are MIG welded from durable 16 gauge 409s stainless steel for durability and value.Although you never know exactly what your pickup will sound like with a new system mounted, many companies offer sound clips on their websites to give you an idea. Single chamber flowmaster exhaust-43Single chamber flowmaster exhaust-64 All aftermarket exhaust system should include appropriately mandrel-bent tubing, connectors, hardware and instructions.But what if the 40 series isn't loud enough for you? For those who want their vehicle loud and proud and to set off car alarms the offer a single chamber 10 series!

If you like that classic muscle car sound or an aggressive exhaust note Flowmaster is for you and available for installation at Lou’s Muffler and Brake of Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport!

Flowmaster, by many, is considered to be the original performance muffler and is often used by owners of classic cars, hot rods, firebirds and mustangs to name a few.

What if you don’t have a muscle car or a hot road and you have a truck? Flowmaster also makes mufflers for applications on trucks!

Flowmaster mufflers got their start in the racing scene and have been around for over 30 years.

Flowmaster mufflers are a chambered muffler and can range from mild to wild for whichever application you may need!

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