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Woods, however, said that he went to rehab "to take a hard look at myself. "Don't, it's f*****g terrible.""With the support of his longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm recently completed treatment for his struggle with alcohol addiction," said representatives for Hamm in a statement to TMZ, People and other media outlets.And I did, and I've come out better."In 2011, "American Pie" star Seann William Scott checked himself into rehab to confront "health and personal issues." His 30-day stay didn't change his sense of humor, though: he later joked with the UK's Independent that he'd been addicted to watching his own movies. "They have asked for privacy and sensitivity going forward."The news comes less than two weeks before "Mad Men," which explores the lives of New York advertising executives in the 1960s, begins its final eight-episode run on April 5.Filming for the final episodes was completed months ago.Missouri native Hamm, 44, toiled in near-obscurity for years in Hollywood before finding fame in 2007 as the tormented, womanizing Draper, for which he won a Golden Globe for best actor in a TV drama.

seriose sex dating seiten Hamm

It’s the way he serves himself salad that gives him away.treatment." Interestingly, he was simultaneously portraying a womanizing writer on Showtime's "Californication." Eva Mendes' 2008 trip to rehab caught many off-guard, and what was even more puzzling was the lack of clarity about what she was seeking treatment for. Single allstedt Mendes' silence led to plenty of theories, many of which involved allegations of substance abuse, but the actress brushed them off. So I will neither confirm nor deny."Like fellow actress Eva Mendes, Kirsten Dunst spent part of 2008 seeking treatment at Utah's Cirque Lodge facility.Either way, the reality star and actor has said that he's seeking help for "some health and personal issues" and that he's "truly sorry for the mistakes I have made and for the pain I've caused my family."In December 2013, director Adam Shankman was admitted into an undisclosed rehab facility for an undisclosed reason.The only thing his rep would say is that the "Hairspray" director's family and friends "support him and wish him well on his journey to recovery." Heather Locklear has entered rehab for both substance abuse and psychological issues.

Seriose sex dating seiten Hamm

"Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health," her rep said at the time.Britney Spears' stint in rehab is now among the most famous, so it might be hard to consider this "surprising." But remember that, at the time, Spears' behavior was much more erratic, and the only thing that was certain was that she was going through some things.It's a great shirt – crisp, fitted, monogrammed – but it’s still stuffed. He grew up in St Louis, Missouri, in the middle of the US, the son of Dan Hamm, a successful businessman, and his second wife, Deborah.Whenviewers first met Draper, in 2007 – or, rather, 1960 - he was the hotshot creative director at a Manhattan ad agency, a man so ahead of the curve that his cowering subordinates suspected him of almost mystical powers of zeitgeist divination, while his overly reliant superiors suffered his moods, his opacity, his disdain, because he was good for business. He stole his name and identity from a dead soldier he fought alongside in Korea. His junior colleagues, more attuned to the socio-cultural changes of the mid-Sixties, began to find his drinking and his womanising boorish, even pathetic. Hamm’s parents divorced when he was two and his mother raised him until she died, of stomach cancer, when he was 10. The shrink doesn’t sugarcoat it: ‘Hey, you’re fucked up. Don’t do this any more.’ It’s a wonderful third-person perspective that you get from an analyst. “By the way, this steak is good.” It’s been suggested – by Hamm himself, in the past – that he based his portrayal of Don Draper if not on himself then on his father, this model midcentury American figure, a drinker and a carouser in a sharp suit, inheritor of a family-run trucking company and later, briefly, an ad man."There are so many lies out there regarding my recent trip to Cirque Lodge," she told Interview magazine in 2008. At the time, it was speculated that Dunst's stay was prompted by too much partying, but the actress later said that she was suffering from depression.

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In 2004, amid gossip about her frighteningly frail physique, Mary-Kate Olsen checked into an undisclosed rehab facility to seek treatment for an eating disorder.Don Draper looks great in a suit, his hair Brylcreemed into submission, his pocket square pressed just so, his five o’clock shadow following him around the clock, the ice in his Old Fashioned providing the soundtrack to his latest sexual conquest. “This is a fundamentally fucked up human being.” Which brings us to the second delicious irony – sorry, I know it took a while – about all this Draper hoopla. There’s a story – apocryphal, probably, he says, “but what the hell, print the legend” – that when Hamm first auditioned for the part of Draper, almost eight years ago now, the show’s creator turned to his casting director with the words, “That man was not raised by his parents.” This was a perspicacious remark; that’s why it dogs him.But that ought to be where our admiration ends, if ever it started. Which is that the man who so convincingly brings him to life on screen has become, in the process, an unsuspecting poster-boy for the retrograde masculinity described above, as well as a style icon by default. As with Don Draper, the child of Depression-era unfortunates in Ohio, his mother a 22-year-old prostitute who died giving birth to him, his stepfather a bully, few things have come easy to Jon Hamm.After the awkward interview -- during which Daly repeatedly asked her, "What are you doing?!" -- Carey went into rehab for what was initially described as an emotional and physical breakdown.

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