Match dating Greve

There was a Lucky Boy mare who was very good, and she had a daughter by Acteur, but the lady who owned her made one mistake, she fell in love with the Takehner, Michelangelo and she bred her good showjumper to Michelangelo – and she bred a mare, Joline – a very modern high blooded type of mare, 170 big.I told her that I had been in Sweden, and that she should go to Amiral, he was a nice horse with a good character.“Good character, his progeny are very willing to do the job right. They are very strong in the back, and when you look at conformation, that strong back is very important for showjumpers, even though he is an old horse he hasn’t given up in the back.That’s what the Concordes have too, the strength in the back.” What sort of mares does Voltaire work best with?

match dating Greve

I wanted to breed something new.” “For dressage horses, you need power behind, sometimes you need those strong mares behind, don’t look always to a nice front end and forget about the hind end, they did that for years.” What has been the strength that Voltaire has given to jumping breeding?She believed me, and we put in some frozen semen from Amiral and that produced the mother of my stallion.” “I saw Solos Carex as a young horse in Denmark, he was an amazing young horse, and he is still competing internationally with Tina Wilhelmson.” Scandic was a finalist at the 2004 World Young Horse Championships.He is a great example of Dr Greve’s breeding philosophy, and willingness to go ‘outisde the square’. Solos Carex in an international dressage competitor, but he is by a horse of classic jumping breeding: Castro by Cor de la Bryère out of a Landgraf mare.“That stallion, Scandic is something special, something new.Scandic comes from a very very good jumping family.

Match dating Greve

You have to treat them right as a young horse, don’t take the heart out of them.That’s why Voltaire needs a mare that is very strong – Nimmerdor is a very good cross.” Sadly for Jan, Voltaire’s death followed not long after the death of another fine jumping stallion, Julio Mariner. match dating Greve-38 This horse, an English Thoroughbred, was a fine example of Bernard le Courtois’ observation, that sometimes a change of locale is vital in a stallion’s career.There are few breeders more knowledgeable than Jan Greve, and there can be none better able to express their philosophy of breeding, or more generous with their time.

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