Match dating Gladsaxe

It shows a bunch of people trying to get ahold of you while you're not a member then you subscribe and it's all ** false as can be. If you aren't the most tech savvy person like myself you will have a difficult time understanding how to use the site's features properly.

The commercial it has is a lie and it also enrolled me into auto refill so it kept charging me without my knowledge. There is a catch to the 6 month guarantee that I was unaware of, you must email a different person pretty much every day. Match claims it takes to get the 6 month for free guarantee but of course Match did not honor it saying on their records they did not show those emails.

This time I needed help because my account was hacked.

By keeping my profile active, the agreement has become a lose-lose proposition and false advertising to all. They have ZERO customer service and they DO NOT refund ever, even if it's their fault. Note that when Match states free trial they are referring to a limited access.But even after talking to a supervisor all she said was she was very sorry but there is nothing she could do, which is complete garbage business practice.Speaking of customer service, good luck getting a response or an email through to them.I tried to send them several emails but Match would not let me send a majority of them and would redirect me to a page with a lot of information on it.This was not helpful and a huge waste of time, hence why I tried to email them to begin with.

Match dating Gladsaxe

The advice from their Handle Group experts is garbage as well. Then It's such a time waster and no real contacts so I try to cancel it - site refuses with like jumping thru 15 messages. Then all these messages asking you to re-activate your account. They send me emails of supposedly a couple interested women.It seemed like a bunch of women who have everything going for them in life give you the most obvious advice, i.e. Just be happy and your life will work yourself out or relationships are hard work and a dedication. It's like a bottomless pits of spam - the site is very very old and clunky and does not allow you to edit anything until you've done it like 3-4 times. I decide to give it another try and of course all of a sudden these women disappear or do not respond.I shouldn't have to weed out 10 phishing scammer fake profiles for every 1 actual human behind a profile. match dating Gladsaxe-63 I immediately block and report each one, supposedly to help out. The unfortunate thing about is that if you cancel your subscription before it's up there is a chance they will bill you for the next cycle. When I paid it it said I paid $131 instead for six months so 10 minutes later, I went to site where it said cancellation of your subscription.The best that you can hope for is to simply cancel your subscription which only mean that you will not automatically renew. What a way to feed off of people just trying to find love.

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