Latin dating Haderslev

Lorsqu’un plan plus récent d’une ville était réalisé, il était inclus dans un des volumes ultérieurs sans changement du contenu du volume précédent.En fait, le contenu d’un volume n’a jamais été modifié d’aucune façon.

latin dating Haderslev

This is immediately apparent by the speed with which maps acquired by chance were included in the collection.The authors of the work are Georg Braun (Bruin), Frans Hogenberg and Simon van den Neuvel (Novellanus).This paperdiscusses the choice of towns depicted and the distribution of these towns in Europe, the way the towns were depicted (plan, bird’s-eye view, profile, landscape) and the information text given on the towns.The availability of imagery, rather than a methodical selection, therefore seemed to be the criterion for inclusion in the atlas.Initially, in part 1, we see a concentration of towns in the German states and the Netherlands.

Latin dating Haderslev

These 361 sheets contain 543 different images of 475 towns (which will be elaborated later on) and four other representations, namely two maps ( Denmark and Hven), a sheet of costumes of Dithmarschen (), and a heraldic representation of Hainault ().In the first part they were moving in the right direction: seven of the 59 sheets are devoted to non-European towns, of which a total of 21 were represented, 12 from Africa, 7 in Asia and 2 in America, meaning that 12% of the sheets, and even 15% of the towns are non-European.Apart from that, the pictorial style of the plans and views appealed very much to the uneducated public. latin dating Haderslev-74latin dating Haderslev-19 Each of the six volumes is a distinct entity, containing plans of towns of the whole of Europe (and sometimes also of towns outside Europe).The Civitates orbis terrarum or the “Braun & Hogenberg”, published in six volumes in Cologne between 15, is the most famous of the early town atlases.

Although it had no comparable precedent, it immediately answered a great public demand, because social, political and economic life at that time was concentrated in the cities.En outre, le style imagé des plans et des illustrations plaisait beaucoup au grand public.Chacun des six volumes est une entité distincte présentant des plans de villes situées dans l’ensemble de l’Europe (et parfois même hors d’Europe).The language difference concerned only the printed texts.If we count the two separately bound sheets of the double sheet maps of Rome and Jerusalem in part 4 as one, there are 361 sheets, of which four are in two sheets (the two others are Kraków and Antwerp, which always appear mounted in the atlas).

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