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Gina Raimondo called for new focus on manufacturing jobs Tuesday night in a State of the State address that centered on expanding opportunities for the state's middle class through job creation and job training.

"When we're confronted by uncertainty, we hold to our founding covenant: That there's a place here for everyone.There's a place here no matter your race, your creed, your gender, where you're from or who you love," she said.Kastellet, (English: The Citadel) located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is one of the best preserved star fortresses in Northern Europe.Kastellet was part of the defense of Copenhagen against England in the Battle of Copenhagen (1807).Christen Købke (1810–1848), Danish painter associated with the Golden Age of Danish Painting, grew up in Kastellet and made many paintings of the area.

Gratis danske dating sider Rebild

Morgan also downplayed many of the economic accomplishments Raimondo touted in her address, including the addition of roughly 200 jobs combined from GE Digital and Johnson & Johnson, saying too much money has been given to companies that have promised "too few" jobs.As for common ground with House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, the governor said — as expected — that she agrees cutting the car tax should be a priority.Raimondo also plugged her recently announced plan for two years of free tuition at the state's public colleges for in-state students. Teresa Paiva Weed called the governor's plan an "innovative approach" that she welcomes.In an acerbic response to the address, House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan was critical of the tuition plan, saying no amount of free tuition will stop the 25-to-45 age demographic from leaving the state.The issue was one of several the progressive wing outlined last week in their "fair shot" agenda.

Other forthcoming budget proposals referenced included "funding to support recovery housing for Rhode Islanders struggling with addiction," a hike in the minimum wage from .60 an hour to .50 an hour, and a raise — for the second consecutive year — for direct care workers.The budget will include Raimondo's plan to slash the tax by at least 30 percent while Mattiello hopes to eliminate it entirely over five years.After her remarks, Mattiello said he intends to go forward with his more aggressive approach.It will also support equipment investments and workforce training for companies, she said.Just how much money is involved in the plan and how it would be distributed isn't yet clear.

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