Gode gratis dating sider Gribskov

'Grib' refers to the Old Danish word for something 'without any specific owner', so 'Gribskov' actually means a woodland of common ownership.

gode gratis dating sider Gribskov

Former wetlands were drained and many new tree species were introduced, especially European spruce. Artificial ditches are being filled to allow a more natural waterflow and the spruce plantations are cut down, to be naturally and quickly replaced by alder, birch and willow in coming years.The lake has no outflows and it can be ice cold just beneath the surface, so care should be taken when bathing.Tradition says the lake is bottomless and was created when God angrily punished a nunnery that once was here.There are several interesting bodies of water in Gribskov, seen both from a scientific and a folkloristic viewpoint: Store Gribsø (English: Large Grib-lake), or just Gribsø, is only a 10 ha lake, but is nevertheless the largest lake enclosed by Gribskov.It is a so-called dystrophic lake and it is impossible to see the bottom in its dark waters, even though it is only 11 m deep.

Gode gratis dating sider Gribskov

It is said that one can still hear the monastery's bells ringing down in the lake on quiet evenings.There are many small ponds, streams and lakes throughout Gribskov, but the larger ones—Store Gribsø, Solbjerg Engsø and Strødam Engsø—all are situated in the southwestern parts.The latter two are the largest and attract a rich birdlife, but they are both on the edge of the forest. gode gratis dating sider Gribskov-15gode gratis dating sider Gribskov-68 The most prominent landmark is perhaps Svenskegrøften (lit.: The Swedish Ditch) initiated in 1576.Cormorants can be a problematic bird to administer locally, but is protected in Denmark and is on list III in the Berne convention.

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