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In the Bible, Book 2 of Daniel interprets King Nebuchadnezzar’s metaphoric dream, which reveals a statue with a head of gold, chest and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of iron mixed with baked clay.The interpretation is basically temporal, showing the successive kingdoms that would follow Nebuchadnezzar’s golden reign.

It is a high desert, which sees both blistering summers and frigid winters.In reality, empirical science involves just as much intuitive guesswork as hard data.) The Younger Dryas was the final but most intense major cold snap, stressing out the climate worldwide from 12,900 BP to 11,700 BP. single partnerbörse Mülheim an der Ruhr Nicknamed the “Big Freeze,” this geological period may be contemporaneous with what the Hopi call the Second World.Environmental degradation due to the avaricious practices of our technological world is, of course, becoming more and more apparent, climate-change deniers notwithstanding.A 2010 study by the National Academy of Sciences found that over 97% of climatologists agreed that anthropogenic (i.e., human-caused) greenhouse gases are responsible for most of the global warming in the last half of the 20The Hopi have always recognized that the increasingly detrimental actions of human beings in terms of both our own social systems and the ecosystem at large are merely signs of a devolving and morally degraded world-age with its concomitant declining spiritual wholesomeness.

Gode gratis dating sider Allerød

With a substantial portion of the planet’s HO locked in glaciers, sea level around the world averaged 120 to 130 meters (about 395 feet to 425 feet) lower than it is today.But this so-called ice age was not monolithically icy.The Hopi believe that the essence of her milk was corn, so she was also called Corn Mother, who together with Sun Father provided both bounty and beauty.(The native chronology is somewhat incorrect here, since corn had been domesticated in Mesoamerica only since about 7000 BP.) During this epoch, humans and animals could understand each other telepathically, and all species lived in a unified web of life—a self-regulating, intricate matrix of interrelationships.Many Hopi acknowledge that the three previous Worlds had ended in dire cosmic events.

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