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This common theme among most traditional cultures of the world is the opposite of our contemporary Western paradigm that envisages unlimited progress on a long, unbroken arc into an ever-grander future.

Although the Hopi look at this problem from a religious and moral framework, the way we treat our Earth as a living organism (the Gaia principle) is not just some counterculture notion of a bygone ecological fad; it is, in fact, a crucial concern that continues to involve every one of us, regardless of country, class, socio-economic status, or educational level.In reality, empirical science involves just as much intuitive guesswork as hard data.) The Younger Dryas was the final but most intense major cold snap, stressing out the climate worldwide from 12,900 BP to 11,700 BP.Nicknamed the “Big Freeze,” this geological period may be contemporaneous with what the Hopi call the Second World.In order to understand the successive ages, we first need to make a brief overview of Earth during the most recent ice age.The peak of the last ice age, or Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), occurred about 23,000 years ago.

Gode gratis dating sider Allerød

Instead, colder periods called stadials were punctuated by warmer periods called interstadials.After LGM, ice sheets began to recede as a gradual meltdown started.A subsequent warmer period (interstadial) called the Bølling oscillation extended from 15,000 BP to 14,000 BP, at which time a very short stadial called the Older Dryas appeared, spanning from 14,000 BP to 13,700 BP—only about 300 years long.The next interstadial called the Allerød oscillation lasted from 13,700 BP to 12,900 BP.(Of course, different studies produce slightly different dates.Many Hopi acknowledge that the three previous Worlds had ended in dire cosmic events.

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