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Participating artists: Jason Jgel (USA) Cleon Peterson (USA) Ryan Travis Christian (USA) Alex Lukas (US) Geoff Mc Fetridge (USA) Jeroen Erosie (Holland) ivin Horvei (Norway) Husk Mit Navn (Denmark) Escif (Spain) Lisa Jonasson (Sweden) 17 August 2015 A group show curated by at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. 4 June 2015 I'm in the Sren Solkr show at ksnehallen Halmtorvet 11 in Copenhagen. I'm also painting a public mural for the show 4 June 2015 Two day group show at my old studio at B huset H.

gay dating danmark Fanø

1 February 2006 New book with more than 100 Husk Mit Navn drawings from Politiken (Danish newspaper). See photos of it HERE 2 December 2010 I have uploaded some photos in the spray section during the last couple of months. June 16th - 20th Charlotte Fogh Contemporary will show a couple of new paintings I made, at the Swab art fair in Barcelona. Starring: Bank & Rau, Nils Erik Gjerdevik, Randi & Katrine, Torben Ribe, Husk Mit Navn, Ingen Frygt, Malene Landgreen and many more. A mural for Mndenes Hjem and photos of White noise drawn together a group drawing show I curated together with Justin B. Photos of two new group exhibitions Hit-And-Run and 10 and a couple of Pieces fresh out of the oven. And I made a lot of new drawings for the "Absolute winter" show at Charlotte Fogh Contemporary, Klostergade 32 in rhus. 10th, 17-19 o'clock at Schfer Grafik at Nansensgade 43 in Copenhagen. The show will contain new LP covers made by a long list of international artists. V1 Gallery will show some of my drawings and photo collages at the Volta art fair in Basel. 15 September 2008 New photos of my works for: The art festival U-Turn (part 1) and U-Turn (part 2). Paintings for the Birthday show at Charlotte Fogh Contemporary. 20 February 2015 Charlotte Fogh Gallery is selling some new artworks of mine at the Art Herning art fair . Other artists: Faile, Ron English, Swoon and more 20 September 2014 I have a bunch of new art works in a group show curated by Roger Gastman at Jonathan Le Vine Gallery in New York. Shepard Fairey, Horfee, Cleon Peterson, Caleb Neelon and many more 4 August 2014 The new wall clock I made with Case Studyo just released today. Buy it online here at CASE STUDYO 27 June 2014 V1 Gallery will be showing 4 new art works of mine at the Volta 10 art fair in Basel. 12 June 2014 I'm painting a school at the Asphalte - Mural festival in Charleroi, Belgium, this weekend. New drawings by Cleon Peterson, Steve Powers, Todd James, Mike Swaney, Husk Mit Navn, Maya Hayuk and more... 19 March 2014 A solo show at Charlotte Fogh Gallery in Aarhus, Denmark.

Gay dating danmark Fanø

For sale in Copenhagen at V1 Gallery and in Aarhus at Charlotte Fogh Gallery and online at the Charlotte Fogh Gallery web shop HERE 26 November 2014 Charlotte Fogh Gallery will be selling a bunch of new drawings of mine at the SWAB art fair in Barcelona. 30 September 2014 Group show at the new Allouche Gallery in New York. A big presentation of artworks of mine from the last 5 years or so. 20 February 2015 A group show at Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Mejlgade 18 B in Aarhus. January 23-25 22 January 2015 I made 12 new wood cuts and silk screen prints. May 15th - June 27th All of the stuff I have done from 2013 until now. New Exhibitions, Mixed projects, new stuff in the Spray section and a book 11 April 2014 A solo show at Passagen in Linkping, Sweden. Dec 6th 2013 - Jan 19th 2014 25 November 2013 'Offline' a book in English containing 92 drawings from 2012-2013. Opening Friday the 18th of January 2013, on view till February 16th. 21 December 2012 A goup show at Alice Gallery in Brussels. gay dating danmark Fanø-50gay dating danmark Fanø-14 6 January 2014 A two person show with Mike Swaney at Ruttkowski68 Gallery in Cologne. The original drawings of the book will be on show and for sale at Schfer Grafisk Vrksted from Nov. Check out the: Exhibitions, Mixed projects, Spray, T-Shirts sections. 8 February 2013 A solo exhibition at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. 2 weeks of painting in the town of Vard at the top of Norway. More info HERE 12 July 2012 I made a couple of sculptures some more stuff for the 'New Nordic - architecture and identity' exhibition at the Louisiana - Museum of modern art in Denmark. 18 June 2012 Big art festival in Tingbjerg, Copenhagen. Charlotte Fogh Gallery is selling some new artworks of mine at the Art Herning art fair .

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