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Holstebro has a population of 34,024 (1 January 2010). Hotel Royal Region Hospital of Holstebro Town hall & Library | Famous sculpture Kvinde p krre (worth more than 200 million DKK) This was a very small intro to those of you who didn't know anything about Holstebro.

The following posts i make in this thread, will be what it is all about - building and construction No hating or anything, but our Denmark projects thread are probably a better suit? I personally think our forum could use some structure instead of a few mega-threads, so keep this thread active!

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Though i'm new and though Holstebro is a pretty small town, I don't hope any of you guys in here, will be offended if I start a new thread about the city westwards - Holstebro. Yes I know the buildings and constructions in Holstebro don't have a single chance in price, height or greatness compared to the ones in the big danish cities.

:-) Kigger lige, sa Skal jeg NOK udfylde noget skamplet tekst ...q=tbn: ANd9Gc T4Jt Zr Rre06A7c To4EEWsavo A2mfn_guscxs Guw09Yj_z T32t AKA[/IMG] Just a couple of months ago, more precisely February 25th 2011, the contractor company A.Enggaard A/S started to build a new lawcourt building in the middle of Holstebro.Under construction Finished From the top In 2008, the municipality of Holstebro decided to spend 45 million DKK (which by the way ended in 52,9 million DKK) to a project called Byrum, og kultur.The idea was to conncet the northern and southern town centre around the river (Storen) that goes right through the city.

Free dating dk Holstebro

Nice photos and welcome to our forum Black Box Theatre. I apologize but can't really remember which year it was build, but my guess; 2008-09.Been criticized a lot for it's very simple and dark structure/shaping, but it does actually look fine now, with the large-screen on.[IMG] [IMG] other pictures can be seen here: Welcome to the forum from a fellow Holstebroer Have you heard anything about this project at the Enghave Parking lot, which I posted about 15 months ago: ? I just moved out from Holstebro yesterday, but during the years I went to gymnasium and had my apartment there, I was quite interested in the projects going on in the city.I think there's lots of potential to be developed, and several new-builds made the city a lot more interesting.In 2009 Holstebro Municipality decided to build a new arena, which opened February the 2th 2011.

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