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If you are not an approved Servas traveller you will not be hosted - in this case, please do not contact the hosts mentioned below. Nature, walking, cycling, running, kayak, film, books, creative activities, history, gardening. Lv: Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sydney, Berlin, London, Oslo, Århus and Greenland.

To prevent abuse - please always include your name, home address, country, date and name of the secretary who signed your Letter of Introduction, and the number/year of the stamp in correspondence with hosts. Live at the countryside in a forest south of Odense.

This sports hotel is next to Rebild Bakker National Park and Rold Forest.

The standard room was clean and comfortable however simple. In my case, arriving close to midnight, I called the hotel and the receptionist came to pick me up in his private car. Das Restaurant ist sehr zu empfehlen, wenn auch nicht preiswert, tolles Frühstücksbuffet.Bemærkningerne kan altid slettes eller ændres ved at kontakte én af boligorganisationerne i Boi Aalborg.Vi håber naturligvis på din forståelse og beklager den ekstra ulejlighed det kan give.Du skal logge ind for at kunne se dine medlemsinformationer.Benyt funktionen i toppen til højre "Log ind" Har du glemt din adgangskode, kan du få den tilsendt ved at benytte funktionen "Tilsend adgangskode".

En date dk Rebild

The hotel is within reach of wonderful tourist attractions such as Kronborg Castle, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Fredensborg Palace and Rungstedlund.All these destionations are just a short drive from Borupgaard. Tr: Most European countries, Greenland, Svalbard, Northern Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Canada, China, Sri Lanka, Australia & Japan, United States. Bus 630 from Næstved station or from near Holme Olstrup station to bus stop in Toksværd Bygade (opposite the school). en date dk Rebild-29en date dk Rebild-53en date dk Rebild-49 We live in the center of Copenhagen so that is very easy - especially if you travel with kids who could play with our son born 2013. Members of Danish Cyclist Union, Amnesty International, Organic Food-Cooperation and much more. Tr: Europe, New Zealand, Borneo, Australia, Greenland, Tanzania, South Africa, Nepal, Vietnam, Peru, Texas. In the next section titled "Activities" you will find a sample of the many options available in the area.

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