Drop dead diva stacy dating owen

However, at the end of the episode, Jane convinces him to go through with the wedding.

Owen and Grayson seem to have a bit of a rivalry going on during this season, as Grayson had begun to develop feelings for Jane, Jane being with Owen.

This leads to him having a heart attack, and appearing to die, though he is revived, with Old Jane seemingly having gone into his body.

In Season 5, in the season premiere it is first assumed that Old Jane had entered his body.

She throws pictures and her ring into a fire at the end of the episode. He explains to Jane that he had recieved troubling news from a doctor (he hadn't told Jane about the news because he hadn't wanted to worry her, but planned on telling her after more testing had been done and the results were in), and he had gone to get more tests done during the time he was away, but then had had a heart attack.Owen tells Jane that Olivia hates her but Jane can't remember why.Jane tries to atone for this by inviting Olivia to dinner but is shocked when Olivia storms when Jane offers Indian food.Although they both enjoyed their trip and spending time with each other they both agree they have had enough of Italy and decide to head home.In "Freak Show" Jane meets Owen's sister, Olivia, and gets quite an icy reception from her.

Drop dead diva stacy dating owen

See more » I caught the pilot of this show today without very high expectations, but it was actually really great and really amusing, with a fun soundtrack and interesting setting.I'm looking forward to seeing more of what this show has to offer, and I hope it continues to deliver and develop into a great series.But Grayson loses consciousness before Jane answers.Jane now awaits till Grayson recovers from surgery hope he makes it to tell him her answer to his proposal Jane uncertain and torn for her feelings for her past love Grayson, and Current love, Owen, unaware that Luke her suppose new guardian take pleasure in ruining the moment of truth when Grayson wanted to Confirm if Jane was Deb.He is introduced in late Season 3 as a reccuring character; in seasons 4 and 5 he was promoted to one of the main characters.

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