Dating welsh houses

Snowdonia is renowned for its ancient monuments and houses, set against streams and mountains and adored by residents and visitors.

A scheme to date some of them, launched five years ago in a plan which gathered momentum as it unravelled more and more of the landscape’s history, began with the informed assumption that most of the signs of building work left behind would come from the 17th century.

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It answers, at last, that question – how old is the house? These are not among the earliest houses in Britain, but among the earliest to have complete upper floors.So a farmer’s house which turned out to have foundations as far back as 1518 was a shock.“To our complete surprise, we found out that the earliest storeyed houses in Snowdonia are among the earliest in Britain,” explains Richard Suggett. kristen dating side Nyborg “Snowdonia is seen as kind of remote and the houses relatively late on that western fringe. We knew there were a sprinkling of pre-1600 houses but we really thought they were generally from 1600 and afterwards.But many of them come in from 1520 onwards.“And that, you know, really is extraordinary.”Suggett is the author of a new book relaying the quest to discover these original grand designs – for five years, packed meetings, skilful archival work and a “quite classic” exercise in community archaeology and fundraising has seen hundreds of members of the public investigate around 100 attractions.“We’ve been slowly working from the border with Shropshire, going west and building up the chronologies,” he says.“We’ve reached a stage where we can date almost anything now. And if you’ve got complete sapwood right to the bark edge then you can tell the exact year it was felled.”One of them is Wybrnant, where one Bishop William Morgan once lived.“He’s famous as the translator of the whole bible into Welsh.It’s rather like Mary Arden’s house."We tree ring dated it, a bit in trepidation.

Dating welsh houses

“There was a real move to clear away the old stock of cruck-framed houses and build nice new storeyed houses and fireplaces.“Sometime between 1500 and about 1550, the peasant farmers replaced their houses with this new wave of small-scale gentry houses.“They almost completely rebuilt the housing stock between 1520 and, say, 1620.Snowdonia has got a very distinctive, storeyed house plan.“They’re half the size but they’re on the same plan.You can join the group for a £10 annual subscription. Dating welsh houses-87Dating welsh houses-70 Contact: M Dunn, Bryn Bedd, Nantgwynant, Gwynedd LL55 4NL.The medieval open hall house had an open hearth in the middle of the floor and was open to the rafters with no upper floor.

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