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It is located 10 km to the south west of Hanstholm and 17 km to the north west of Thisted and framed by Limfjorden to the east, the North Sea to the west, Hanstholm to the north and the canal, Thyborøn Kanal, to the south.

Here, you can truly experience the forces of nature at play and witness the amazing forces let loose through the heavy swell of the Atlantic Ocean, driven from Icelandand the Faroe Islandsby the north-westerly winds to finally end up beating against the Danish coast.

Part of the new trail up to Norway's iconic Pulpit Rock was built by Sherpas.The wind, the waves and the crude and unspoiled nature constitute the epitome of the urban holiday village of Klitmøller.Located in Thy – The North Sea to one side and Nationalpark Thy to the other – Klitmøller lies in a region crammed with nature.How about riding or hiking through Nationalpark Thy? Or perhaps you are more inclined towards enjoying the area’s absolutely unique bird life?In the region of Thy all this and much more is within reach – there are challenges and things to do for both young and old.

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There are rumors that Rebild race is a challenging race. Including awaits the participants at our 13.7-kilometer and half marathon routes, a healthy increase in mid Rebild.But rest assured, thousands of runners before you have done it. Enjoy beautiful scenery and maybe even The information about this race is based on information provided by the organizers or found on the official website of the event.This year is the eighth year in a row that Rebild race will take place. Always check the official website for up-to-date information. dating sites danmark Rebild-32dating sites danmark Rebild-90dating sites danmark Rebild-45 If you have noticed any mistake, let us know at [email protected]’s a wild experience to run for Denmark’s second largest forest, Rold Skov.

The paths, lakes, hills and trees are a feast for the eyes – and legs.It is, in fact, one of the world’s most favorable spots for windsurfing.Hence, surfers can be seen in the waves all year round.But it is not just the potential for earning a wage several times larger than would be earned at home, according to the Sherpas themselves, who spend between seven months and a year working on the Norwegian paths. The things we have learnt in Norway will be with us for the rest of our lives. One day, my grandchildren will be able to come to Norway and see what we have built,” Nima Sherpa told NRK.Klitmøller is a North Jutland holiday spot in high demand.

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