Dating sider for gifte Ærø

When I found last week’s view it brought back miserable memories of trudging uptown for supplies, bedraggled and sleep deprived after Sandy hit.

I’ll also throw in that their local specialty is apparently , the ship seemed to be the most important clue.Two years ago the Dish featured one of the hardest contests of all time in VFYWC #134.It was so hard that only one person found the right country despite our having a whole extra week during Christmas to hunt for it.Somewhere in the general proximity of the White Cliffs of. Somehow I would feel better if I were barking up the wrong tree, rather than simply being incapable of climbing the right one.We Alaskans always feel a kind of kinship for these arctic locales.

Dating sider for gifte Ærø

The radial pattern with the double division on the outer rings is a design specific to Denmark.They are made by the Norwegian foundry Ulefos Jernværk which was started in 1657: The license plates also helped.“Yellow ferry” wasn’t that helpful really; it turned up page after page of Corsican ferries. dating sider for gifte Ærø-90dating sider for gifte Ærø-30 I then moved through the Netherlands before eventually hitting Denmark, and lo and behold, the From there it was a hop skip and a jump to use Street View up from the harbor to the Pension Vestergade 44.I’ve sailed quite a bit in those waters, but only been on land in Æreskøbing, sailing as a teenager many years ago.

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It rained and we only stayed long enough to have lunch and supplies.

So, small town with ferry port somewhere in the British Isles, perhaps northern France, Holland, or Scandinavia.

My first inclination was the British Isles, so I spent a while searching Google images of ferry lines around England and Ireland but none of the ships seemed to have the right yellow paint job.

Since they all pretty much look the same, I was very happy to notice the top of the ferry in the background, which narrowed it down quite a bit. I looked at google maps and Vestergade is the only street leading to the ferry.

I randomly clicked streetview on Vestergade and ended up in front of the yellow house from 1749. Also, there’s a photo of the window on the hotel website.

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