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Deutschland anchored at Palma, Mallorca, where Republican aircraft attacked the town and harbour installations that morning.Deutschland, the torpedo-boat Albatros, two U-boats and six Italian units were grouped together in the port and received attention, four bombs falling wide within 200 yds.

After the Fleet Review, Deutschland resumed her maiden voyage.Due to heavy swells Deutschland soon prefered to cruise up and down offshore at a few knots, as this was found more comfortable.A contact was established to both Republican and Nationalist harbours without discrimination and refugees taken aboard were passed on to one of the 26 merchant vessels chartered for evacuation purposes.Deutschland returned to Wilhelmshaven and docked for a refit.The two searchlight masts were replaced by a platform for four searchlights on the funnel.

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Alarm was raised when four Republican destroyers and two light cruisers, Libertad and Mendez-Nunez, were seen approaching, and immediately afterwards two aircraft were reported 2 km astern, attacking out of the sun at an altitude of 1.000 m.Two 50 kg bombs struck Deutschland while the destroyers, initially closing the German Panzerschiff as if to torpedo, opened an inaccurate fire with their forward armament, the shells falling short.A jet of flame ignited oil and spirits beyond an open bulkhead door at Frame 121 and this fire spread rapidly.The forward 15 cm magazine was flooded immediately as a precaution.Whereas the original intention of the German naval presence had been the protection of German lives and property, aggression by the Republican side had tended to identify them as the "enemy".

In time, therefore, it would become apparent who was supporting whom.

The international operation involved the use of 62 such transports.

About 9.300 refugees, including 4.550 Germans, were brought to safety.

Situation was under control and allowed Deutschland to weigh anchor and sail for a rendezvous with Admiral Scheer off Formentera.

The final casualty list was 31 dead and 110 wounded, 71 seriously, these being mostly burn cases.

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