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(27 February 2017) Where do you come from and why are you here? Young Syrian refugees tell their stories in videos and photographs. (23 February 2017) The Kurdish culture and language have long been at the centre of political conflicts.

(6 February 2017) Borders are part of everyone’s lives – what do they signify? When do they confine us and when are they important?The first stop will be made at the Sursock Museum in Beirut. kostenlose fickanzeigen Paderborn (28 March 2017) In Berlin, literary and political theorists, philosophers, journalists and scientists discussed on “Competing Narratives”.(4 April 2017) German-Turkish relations are currently under stress.In his speech for the 60th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in Ankara, Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, the president of the Goethe-Institut, stressed that it is all the more important to maintain the dialogue and stand up as a guarantor of freedom of expression.

Dating rules from my future self deutscher titel

In an interview, Iranian music producer Ramin Sadighi expresses his pleasure over the growing cultural diversity of Tehran’s music scene and hopes for more space and fewer restrictions.(13 January 2017) With its House Call project, the Goethe-Institut plants ten authors in the everyday lives of European city dwellers.With its travelling exhibition The Border, the Goethe-Institut is seeking answers to these questions by means of artistic considerations. Dating rules from my future self deutscher titel-40Dating rules from my future self deutscher titel-58Dating rules from my future self deutscher titel-49 Here, participating artists offer insights into their reflections and works.Panellist Andreas Bernard reveals in advance why our criticism of the media would have gone over well rhetorically in the Middle Ages. (2 March 2017) London was always open to the world, but today, more and more of the British are closing themselves off.

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(20 March 2017) The TV song contest Ohrwurm (earworm) put German pop music on televisions across Thailand. More than three million viewers rooted for their favourites. It’s as if dreams of a borderless Europe and diversity are only possible in museums.

(13 April 2017) Within a period of less than four months, more than thirty Iranian and exiled Iranian artists, cultural professionals and many visitors gathered in Berlin.

Iranian Modernity, the Goethe-Institut’s cultural programme, produced encounters, inspired people to think and enhanced our image of what modernity means in Iran and for Iranian cultural professionals.

(18 April 2017) Can a society that has lost sight of the meaning of relationships over the course of time come together once again and reshape its coexistence?

To this end, Virgilio Sieni, together with the Goethe-Institut Genoa, choreographically explored Genoa.

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