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During the Hanseatic League era, Rostock – then bigger than Hamburg – was one of the most important members of the association and became a very important trading place.In terms of goods handled, the port is now in fourth place among the German sea ports after Hamburg, Bremen and Wilhelmshaven and is an important starting point for ferry services to Scandinavia, Russia, Poland and Latvia.

Mary’s Church with its valuable art treasures, the Convent of the Holy Cross near the university or the rebuilt 117-metre-high tower of St. Other noteworthy sights include the four remaining city gateways: Kröpeliner Tor, Steintor, the Town Hall and St. Kröpeliner Straße is very popular among the locals for shopping and taking a stroll.The old Hanseatic city, which was established in the 13th century, is located at the coast of the Baltic Sea in the north-eastern German state Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.Due to the states low population density there is lots of space for wildlife and biological reserves around the city.Felix Hausdorff, best known for his work on topology and set theory, became professor at the University of Greifswald (about 80 km east of Rostock) in 1913.Like so many other outstanding scientists, the Nazi regime forced him to retire from his academic position.

Dating rostock

The "Alter Fritz" invites you to savor a fresh draft of homemade beer served with a pretzel.We'll head back to your cruise ship after enjoying this light snack.Numerous lakes, moors and different forest areas with rare plants and animals can be found. The scenic landscape attracts many tourists and bathers in summer. Parts of town walls and gates, dating from the 14th to the 16th century, are still in place together with other buildings made of bricks. Dating rostock-18 The old trading tradition is reflected in many places, such as shipyards and the port.Moritz Schlick, professor of philosophy in Rostock between 19, was a leading figure of the "Vienna Circle", a group of philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians that investigated scientific language and scientific methodology.

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