Dating hardy perfect reels

The perforations to the line drum were probably made possible by the increased strength of aluminium now available, and this in turn contained the increase in weight of this new design to ¼ of 1 ounce over the original Lightweight.

Dating hardy perfect reels

Publication generated a number of queries asking if the article was definitive for the Lightweight / LRH Lightweight, my answer was no – the article sought only to chart the progress of the development of the reel from its introduction up until its final incarnation.It was available in 3 3/16 inch size only, with a drum width of ¾ inch.In terms of its line capacity to weight ratio it had a 1-3 ounce advantage over the 3″ St.Indeed, there are numerous reels manufactured by Hardy’s during the last sixty years with sufficient variation to offer opportunity for the ardent collector to undertake research and discovery.It is regrettable that latter day authors have to date been dismissive of reels from this period – from which we have chosen the ‘Lightweight’ to demonstrate the possibilities open to the collectors who wish to build collections without paying the premium prices commanded by earlier Hardy reels.

Dating hardy perfect reels

No regulator or line guide was fitted, and it had a 3/16” inch steel spindle with central relief.The Lightweight was intended to cater for anglers who required a lighter reel than Hardy’s established models, and it was recommended as suitable for trout rods such as the Fairchild, and the CC de France, etc.Up until this time, the Lightweight had a frame with three bridges. Dating hardy perfect reels-89Dating hardy perfect reels-76 The practicalities and economics of production suggest that from the time of introduction of the LRH Lightweight – or very shortly thereafter, that the Lightweight was now built on the same frame casting.The three later models tip the scales at 3½ ounces.

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Nonetheless, this reel is remarkable amongst its contemporaries for its slender proportions.George, and the 3⅛” inch model Uniqua and Perfect reels.However, it is only the earliest of the reels shown here which manages to beat the scales and comes in at barely more than 3 ounces.In 1948 Hardy’s issued a catalogue of their available tackle output which was intended solely for export, the domestic market at this time was still deep in the throes of rationing and the general deprivations of an exhausted economy This catalogue introduced a new reel designated the “LRH Lightweight”.This new reel was also 3 3/16 inch diameter but with the added improvements to the compensating check of a rim mounted regulator, spare spring and pawl, stainless steel line guard, and a perforated line drum.

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