Dating guys youre not attracted to

I could count on my fingers the number of times I've touched this guy in the three years I've known him, and trying to transition my thoughts from viewing him as a brother in Christ to a potential husband is difficult.

The (Christian) friends I've asked for advice seem to think that if I don't have this overwhelming desire to touch him and kiss him, and even a desire to have sex with him now (though, of course, with the understanding that we'd never have sex before marriage), I should wait until I do feel that burning, passionate desire to be physically close to him before I accept his advances for a relationship.

I'm almost certain now that he's interested in me as more than a friend, and I expect him to ask me out soon, if I just give him a little more encouragement.

Do you think it's possible to grow to be attracted physically to someone over time? I am starting to return his romantic feelings because I connect so well with him and he is a godly and caring man, but everyone says I'd be wasting my time and would only hurt him in the long run because if I don't find him attractive now, I never will.This seems ridiculous to me — why should I want to be tempted to sin with him? fickpartner finden Ingolstadt But so many people have told me that either you have this physical/sexual attraction or you don't, and if it's not there now, it never will be.Morken, who recognized that potential, and told Steve it was OK to give ourselves time to "let love grow." As for your friends who are quick to dismiss him as a candidate — precisely because you're not thinking of bedding him — I'd be more wary of them than him!Their counsel resembles that of the foolish woman in Proverbs.

Dating guys youre not attracted to

And the more I grew to know him, the more attractive he became.I suspect I looked even less like what he'd imagined himself with.Is there enough between you — in the form of friendship and mutual enjoyment and respect — to give love a chance to develop? I wasn't completely attracted to Steve when we first met.He didn't have "the look" I always imagined myself with, though I thoroughly enjoyed being with him and was eager to grow in friendship from the start.He wants to call and write letters, but I've been holding off because I'm not sure if I want to encourage deepening our communication at this point.

This is one of those occasions where the buddy relationship didn't involve a romantically interested girl and an oblivious guy; instead, I think he has liked me all along, but I was completely oblivious.I think it's appropriate that I have been protecting myself from forming physical/sexual desires for him while we're still just friends.I am very cuddly and comfortable with my girl friends, but with my guy friends, I basically have a no-touch policy.I think it's fine to wait and see if he is willing to take the risk to ask you out. And once you start loving a man, truly loving him in the fullness of marriage, they become even less important.No need to feel like it's your job to move the relationship in that direction — it's his. It's my hope that single believers are holding both looks and personality lightly enough to weigh character. And where the character is godly and sound, there's at least the possibility that attraction will grow.

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