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But on Saturday, 3 August, the affair took a dramatic new direction when MFS published an article headlined "Theory of a German horse‑murderer on Hindsholm." Kerteminde Police had contacted the German criminal police headquarters (Bundeskriminalamt) in According to the Bundeskriminalamt, flocks of horses grazing close to busy by‑roads had been particularly targeted.

Animals had been cut or stabbed mainly in the head and chest area, with the eyes, heart, shoulder, stomach and genitals also injured.

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"It's an idea that I cannot dismiss offhand," said veterinarian Doenner., we have about 500 people who have special permits to hunt with a bow and arrow.But a detailed autopsy by veterinarian Bent Doenner could not determine what had killed Monic.In a television interview, Doenner stressed that he had had to cut the horse's head into thin slices before he could get a real view of the injury.Because two of the horses on the Danish side were wounded in a fold surrounded by vacation cottages, German tourists joined the list of obvious suspects. As it is, we don't really know that the holes are man‑made," he said.Police in Kerteminde recommended that people keep an eye on fields with horses, especially if German cars stopped nearby. Nevertheless, a veterinarian felt the German connection was a positive development: "The more information which might cast light on this murky case, the better," he said, adding that he could feel the anxiety among horse breeders intensifying.

Dating gifte Kerteminde

"It is a striking fact that the wounds are so identical," he told press."That does not seem to indicate that the animals accidentally hurt themselves on a sharp object in the enclosure. I have asked several colleagues, and none of them has ever heard of anything like this." Police noted that these horses had been wounded in an enclosure near an area with many beach‑front holiday cottages, and they thought it likely that some vacationer might have seen suspicious activities.People should be on their guard if they see cars with German license plates driving around in the vicinity of the horses." The various leads, however, led nowhere and, on Thursday, 15 August, MFS reported that police had for all intents and purposes given up the case. "It is unlikely that a German would all of a sudden start killing horses on Hindsholm," Andersen said."Not even the cause of the small hole in the horse's skull has been determined with any degree of accuracy," said Gunnar Andersen, "and even though it is striking that two other horses were mutilated almost at the same time, there has been no proof so far that there were people behind the incidents. "A more likely scenario would be for this lunatic to operate in said.No bullet was found, and he could not trace the wound to any conventional weapon: there was simply a neat little hole.

Andersen told the Morgenposten Fyens Stiftstidende (MFS), "but nothing remotely like this has ever been reported." The Lorenzens were likewise baffled, as they knew of no enemies, and breeders they had contacted had never heard of such a case before.For a variety of reasons beyond our control, this issue is almost four months late.A large amount of material accumulated during the time the newsletter has been compiled, so we've decided to make this a double issue, covering number 40 and number 41.Experts cited by the German press agency, DPA, gave several possible motives for the attacks: sexual perversion, sadism, murderous impulses and revenge. " said Wolfgang Apel, President of the German Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Deutsche Tierschutzbund), offering a reward of 50,000 Marks for information leading to an arrest.He also called for more severe penalties: so far the only horse ripper apprehended had received a suspended sentence and a mere 2000 Marks fine.

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