Dating disasters

"At the end of the date he even asked if he could kiss me on the lips.

Dating disasters

Then there was John.* I was elated when this cute, shy events planner got my number from a mutual friend and asked me out to dinner."But then it got a lot worse when he started trying to look deeply into my eyes and suggesting we had a 'special connection'. Erstes kennenlernen hund und katze Frankly, the only special connection I felt like having at that point was with a nice cup of tea before an early night - on my own.It was a resolution she was soon to regret bitterly, but at the time her hopes were high."I had been married twice," Janet explains in her first newspaper interview.

Dating disasters

This should come as a surprise to exactly no one, right?We all have stories from our dating pasts that are fun to tell now, but weren’t exactly fun to live in the moment. So, we decided to put a call out for some of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) dating stories the Internet had to share.And we came up with some doozies, alongside a few links to stories that are already out there, but were too good to miss. And feel free to share if you’ve got a story that can beat all of these!Janet Forse looked mournfully into her glass of mineral water and wondered how soon she could politely make her excuses and leave.Across the table, Terry, her date, inhaled deeply on his seventh cigarette of the evening and changed the subject from his home - a caravan - to his career: lorry driving.

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"As he detailed every single haulage firm he'd ever worked for, rating them for speed and efficiency, I found myself feeling lower and lower - I couldn't believe how dull this man was," says Janet, 49, a property developer from the Forest of Dean.When asked why their dates were so disastrous, 41 per cent claimed it was because they were nervous, while 30 per cent said that their confidence was low and a further 22 per cent blamed their clumsiness for their bad luck in love.Nearly three quarters (67 per cent) of Brits said they wished they were better at dating, with almost one in two (19 per cent) admitting that a potential partner has left halfway through a date because of something they had messed up.'Meeting someone new for the first time, hoping you've got enough to talk about and choosing what to wear are just some of the things that can make us feel anxious, often resulting in us having misadventures we wouldn't ordinarily have.'With 67 per cent of people claiming to be 'dating disasters' and one in 20 ending up in accident and emergency after a minor mishap, it's clear our minds are preoccupied in trying to impress the other person.'Competition is fierce too, adding further to the pressure, as new online dating apps are increasingly introduced to the market.And the biggest irony of all was that I was actually paying for it!" Like thousands of others who find themselves single in middle age, Janet, the mother of two grown-up daughters, had put her faith in a dating agency.

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