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Denmark is fighting for its neutrality to avoid being drawn into war.

Denmark's National Museum in Copenhagen has exhibitions from the Stone Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Modern Danish History.

Take a trip to Køge Museum and enjoy an experience you'll never forget.

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Head down below the green fields of Søndermarken to discover an underground world, where you will be enveloped in the dark, cold and damp space.Baadfarten started in the early 1890s and the two oldest boats, Prinsesse Alexandrine from 1895 and Prins Christian from 1896, still sail here.The Bakkehus Museum is a literary and cultural history museum focusing on the Danish Golden Age.Complete your visit to Amalienborg Palace square – step inside Amalienborg and experience royal life past and present.Amalienborg Museum presents the private interiors of the most recent kings and queens and an exhibit on the monarchy today with its many traditions.

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The National Museum is located in The Prince’s Palace, which was built by Nicolai Eigtved between 17 for Danish Crown Prince Frederik V and Crown Princess Louise.Make yourself comfortable in one of the blue Netto-Boats and see Copenhagen from the water front.Among the main attractions are the Great Hall with the magnificent throne, guarded by three silver lions, while below the castle lie three treasure chambers with the royal crowns and crown jewels.The magnificent red-brick cathedral with its impressive tall spires is considered one of Denmark’s most important architectural monuments, and it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.The exhibition is made of interactive and digital installations, which activates almost all senses.

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This 400-year-old castle is home to some of Denmark’s greatest treasures.Today, there are about 20 horses in the Royal Stables Frederiksborg Palace is situated on three islets in the castle lake in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen.The palace, which is surrounded by the beautiful Frederiksborg Palace Garden, was built in the Dutch Renaissance style at the beginning of the 1600s by King Christian 4.Enjoy the scenery that passes by while your guide tells about the sights in Danish, English, and German.Nikolaj Kunsthal exhibits Danish and international contemporary art in the heart of Copenhagen. Nikolaj Church, Copenhagen’s third oldest church with one of the tallest towers in the city – a unique setting for contemporary art Europe-wide.

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