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In March 2005, Timm was sentenced to twelve months in a young offenders' institute for dangerous driving, after team mate Callum Flanagan's car hit another vehicle while he and Timm were racing each other on a public road.

Although United sacked Flanagan after the incident, Timm was allowed to remain with the club.

Swedish cavalry is seen coming from the right side of the picture attacking the landing forces.

These were soon pushed away and the landing secured leading to the battle of Nyborg, where the Swedes saw themselves decisively defeated.

The statue of the fisherman's daughter, also known as 'Amanda', stands at the bridge of Langebro and is the town's most famous landmark.In a TV-interview on the Danish TV-station TV2 the coach from Odense stated that Timm needed a second chance.Timm had some success at Odense, and he was called up to the Danish national team.The town also boasts a museum for the painter Johannes Larsen, who is known especially for his paintings of birds, as well as the Fjord & Belt Center, which researches and displays information about the marine environment at Kertinge Nor, Kertminde Fjord and Bay and the Great Belt.A 50- metre tunnel allows you to study the flora and fauna of the Great Belt under water. From Kerteminde, cycle towards Langebro - south on Odensevej towards Ladby, which is a lovely village with various old houses and farms.

Date side Kerteminde

After passing large areas of manor-house land with several areas of woodland you come to yet another manor house, that of Østergård, which for a long time was jointly owned with Ulriksholm.The main building is from 1731, with black oak timbers and red brick.From here you can make a detour to Munkebo, where there is a lookout tower on the hill Munkebo Bakke. date side Kerteminde-45date side Kerteminde-66 The listed vicarage of Kølstrup is a well-preserved half-timbered structure.Mads Timm (born 31 October 1984) is a Danish footballer, who is player-coach, playing as a forward, for Danish Serie 1 club Kerteminde Boldklub.

Spending his youth years at Odense, Timm joined English club Manchester United in the Premier League in 2000.

The works in the exhibition have been chosen with an eye to representing as many of the varied “bird meetings” as possible.

It could be a fleeting meeting in the form of an observation of a bird in flight, or a close-up study of a dead bird by the side of the road, or the memory of the biology classroom’s glass-fronted cabinet with stuffed birds, or the colourful peacocks from the zoo, or the chickens in the garden and later in one’s belly.

The occasion is the 50th anniversary of the Bird Protection Fund, and in addition to the exhibition, the anniversary will also be celebrated by the nomination and the dedication of Johannes Larsen’s garden as the Fund’s 22nd bird sanctuary.

The Confidants of Birds The choice of artists for the exhibition was made in reference to the following quote from the founder of the Bird Protection Fund, Lorenz Ferdinand (1921-2001): “" The focus, therefore, is on his experience with the bird, in other words, his meeting with the bird - which we all, to varying degrees, recognize in ourselves.

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