Baden singleton

Donna, 75, and Chuck Connors, 78, of Bear Rocks, Fayette County, shown at Myrtle Beach, have been married five years. He was the best man when she married his brother-in-law.

“I think your spouse should be your friend first and foremost.“He looked at the driveway and said, ‘You piled the snow in the wrong place! dating på nettet Høje-Taastrup ' Guess what, that was the last time I shoveled a driveway for him.” Amy and Harry Crisman Amy, 44, and Harry, 46, Crisman of Buffalo Township, Sarver, married at a young age, “Everyone told us it would never work,” says Amy.Mac Leod believes the best marriages are based on a principle of “Small Things Often,” a phrase from relationship researcher John Gottman that means the happiest couples are in the habit of doing little things for one another every day of every week of the year.“For example, my wife and I will be much more connected if I am there to listen to her and sweep the snow off the steps each day than if I wait and buy her a huge bouquet of roses once a year,” Mac Leod says.

Baden singleton

Mac Leod's advice to couples considering marriage: “Men, the wedding is not a finish line. Ladies, the wedding is not the beginning of a ‘fix this man' project.You will be happiest if you don't take on the job of changing him into something better.” — Rex Rutkoski Two respected Canadian economists have made it official: Happiness really is being married to your best friend.Susan is an adjunct professor of English at Westmoreland County Community College and Pitt Greensburg; David is president of West Penn Power How to keep connected Couples experiencing the deepest levels of connection are the ones living beyond the legal “contract” of marriage and are truly best friends, suggests Ken Mac Leod. Baden singleton-14Baden singleton-73Baden singleton-84 The Highland Park resident, husband and father is deputy director of programming for Family Guidance's relationship education service, TWOgether Pittsburgh ( “A solid marriage is made up of a husband and a wife who are in the habit of connecting in hundreds of tiny ways throughout each and every day,” he says.“Friendship and marriage should be, and can be, sources of fun,” Helliwell says.

“That kind of mutual respect, affection and laughter is the source of stronger friendships and stronger marriages, I suspect.” On this Valentine's Day, Pittsburgh-area couples, who consider their spouses their best friends, weigh in on these matters of the heart: Mike and Sharon Dorbritz Your best friend is the person in this world that you trust and depend on more than anyone else, Mike Dorbritz says.

Thirty years later a private message on Facebook brought them together.

Susan and David Mc Donald of Unity riding in Tetons in 2012.

“The secret is probably to treat your spouse as though they were a best friend, and that makes the result more likely to follow.

This research suggests that friendship comes to infuse and enrich the most successful marriages.” They found that the perks of that friendship come into play especially strongly during middle age, when there is a tendency to experience a decrease in life satisfaction because of the stress of career and family demands.

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