Allie wesenberg dating charles trippy

On April 7, 2014, Trippy announced his separation with Alli Speed.

The couple’s wedding was packed with TONS of fellow Internet celebrities, including Philip and Lindsay De Franco, Shay and Colette Butler (guess he’s out of rehab and they’re NOT divorcing?? The 32-year-old You Tube star married girlfriend Allie Wesenberg over the weekend in a stunning ceremony.He wore a maroon suit and she donned a fitted white gown with a delicate flower crown.Charles was also engaged to another girl named Ally Rhodes prior to his relationship with Alli Speed, making Allie Wesenberg Charles’ third public relationship in a row with a girl with that name. Internet Killed Television (also known as CTFx C) is a web series hosted by Charles Trippy. Speed was featured in the video blogs from May 1st 2009 - 7th April 2014. Speed's dog 'Chico' was included in the video blogs for a short period of time.

Allie wesenberg dating charles trippy

The CTFx C Channel currently holds the world record for the most consecutive number of daily video blogs (Vlogs) uploaded to You Tube (as of December 2015 In March 2012 Trippy was diagnosed with a benign Oligodendroglioma brain tumor after having a seizure at the end of February.After a successful resection of the tumor it recurred in September 2013 and was diagnosed as anaplastic oligodendroglioma brain cancer.The series consists of vlogs averaging between 10-15 minutes that are filmed, edited, and then uploaded daily to Trippy's You Tube channel (CTFx C). Allie wesenberg dating charles trippy-42Allie wesenberg dating charles trippy-70Allie wesenberg dating charles trippy-76 It was originally planned to last for only one year.The video blogs now include Trippy's second wife Allie Wesenberg Trippy & her dog Diesel.

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Wesenberg Trippy made her first appearance in June 2014. Some events that have been documented in this series include Trippy's courtship, marriage, cancer battle, and divorce.

After four years, they entered Guinness World Records for the most consecutive daily video blogs posted on You Tube.

As of May 1, 2016, Trippy completed seven years straight of daily vlogging without missing a single day and has continued into Year 8. Trippy has also used a Flip Ultra HD camcorder, Canon ELPH model's Powershot D780IS, Powershot SD4500IS, ELPH Powershot 300 HS, ELPH Powershot 110 IS, ELPH Powershot 330 HS, and various versions of the i Phone. He has also taken part in other web series and ongoing vlog series such as: Shay Tards, Prank House, Shoot the Banker, The Elevator Show, Retarded Policeman (Epidode 15), Prankvs Prank, You Tubers React, and The Annoying Orange, in which he plays a lemon in one episode and a potato in another.

Alli is Alli Speed's personal channel which hosts make up tutorials, travel vlogs, a series 'Ask Alli' and the series Drunk Gaming, where she plays video games with her friends and family while intoxicated.

This was also the channel in which the short lived CTFx C Cinema series was posted to help promote their sponsor, Netflix.

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